Customized One Scary Monster Car Decals


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The sticker is made from premium self-adhesive vinyl and will stick to anything you want it to be, be it a car door, be it glass, metal, or a house wall. In addition, these stickers are UV coated to add durability and longevity to your stickers (even in direct sunlight) over several years!

Attention: These are not your $1 stickers or a variety of cheap screen prints that begin to peel, fade, and crack within a few weeks.

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Customized One Scary Monster Car Decals

There are many stories about the Momster, but it is not clear if it is real or just a myth. Some people say that they have seen the Momster, while others say that it is just a legend. Either way, the Momster is a scary creature that is sure to give anyone a fright. If you are looking for a fun and unique gift for mom, then check out our Customized One Scary Monster Car Decals Set 2 Pcs. These decals are perfect for adding a touch of terror


21×21 Inches, 6×6 Inches

Contour Cut

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